Flexible, efficient and pioneering, Tricks for Bricks represents a new concept in the real estate sector. We not only combine marketing and sales services under one roof, we do so under the name of your project and with the exclusivity your project deserves. Our experts are your experts.


We started Tricks for Bricks following seven years working at the forefront of the real estate sector. The opportunities we identified were too many to ignore. Leading the way in this field, we are the first in Belgium to have pinpointed the unique sales and marketing needs of developers in such detail. The result is an approach where marketing drives sales, and sales drives marketing.

Tricks academy

Tailored team training

The Tricks for Bricks team are always developing and honing their individual skillsets. In an evolving market and a changing world, it’s vital that we stay on top of our game. We do so by adopting a personal approach where we guide and train each team member, taking into account their current and desired skills. We assign them to projects that align with their individual ambitions and expectations. Where possible, we devise a personal training programme with them.

Being in contact with lawyers, tax advisers and financial experts on a daily basis, Tricks for Bricks offers its team the perfect environment for continual growth and learning. Such an environment also facilitates our team in answering any questions (potential) clients may have.