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Sales Support

Sales support, the cement that holds an efficient sales process together.

If you’re like most project developers, you have a core team of employees in fixed roles and a flexible group brought in to assist them at certain stages. Estate agents are often part of the latter group. The trick is keeping your estate agents motivated and up-to-date on the skills and knowledge the industry demands. They need to have efficient presentation material at their disposal at all times, in combination with a powerful promotional campaign. Which is where our sales support team comes in. Our sales professionals do three things for you: they keep your sales force motivated, they come up with creative, high-impact campaigns, and they compile watertight reports on all marketing and sales initiatives.

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Communication & Marketing

Communication and marketing, the foundations for a successful project.

How is your project perceived by local residents? Does it meet market demands? How should you position it? Which target group will you be selling to, and who is best placed to do the selling? For the answers to all these questions, just call on Tricks for Bricks.

We’re committed to your project every step of the way, from the development of a strong brand to the after-sales follow-up. When it comes to branding, visualisations, brochures, websites, media planning, sales and sales campaigns, we have years of specialist experience to draw upon.

You are the experts in project development. Every day you learn more about your field. And yet, in an industry that is always evolving, there is always more to learn. You can’t be expected to be an expert in communication and marketing as well.

We’ve got your communication and marketing covered. Trust Tricks and be free to focus on your primary objectives.

Tricks for Bricks handles your communication and marketing.

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Our experts are your experts.

Allow our sales gurus to completely immerse themselves in your project. Working closely with your people and our trusted partners, they will funnel all their motivation and skill into the quick and successful sale of your property. Our team will tailor an approach to fit your wishes, requirements and schedule down to the last detail. No off-the-shelf solutions.

We strongly advise you to involve us as early as possible in the development stage. This way we can ensure the members of our team that are best suited to your project will be available during the marketing phase of your project.

In any case, we will supply flexible, creative and proactive professionals who are more than capable. Our Tricks Academy ensures each of our team members is constantly learning new skills in line with their individual training plans. What’s more, with a wealth of experience acquired over past assignments, our staff members are able to quickly get to grips with your project and start adding value.

Want to find out more about our sales services? Please don’t hesitate to call us on +32 475 84 90 20